Frequently asked Questions

Do you have all the proper qualifications?

All our installers are City & Guild level 3 meaning they are fully qualified to work in domestic, commercial & industrial locations. They have all the neccessary knowledge of health and safety requirements governing the electrical installation processes.

All electrical installation work in a home, garden, conservatory or outbuilding must meet the Building Regulations. Because our electricians are Part-P registered they meet UK national standard Building Regulations (BS 7671), this also means they make sure the work is designed and installed to protect people from fire and electric shocks.

On top of this our electricians are also JLB registered (17th Edition). They can only register if they have been trading for one year in their present form and employ two or more adult operatives or one adult operative and an apprentice.

What certification will I recieve?

An Electrical Installation Certificate that confirms that the work meets BS 7671; and a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate that confirms that the work meets Building Regulations.

What does the Price Include?

The online quote includes all the neccessary parts and installation.

What is the average duration of a package installation?

2-4 hours

What wiring is used within the shed?

In the majority of cases we use 2.5mm 3 core cable to wire up your sheds electrics circuit. To wire the shed to your mains consumer unit we use between 4-25mm 3 core armoured cable depending on the distance.

What load can I put on the shed's circuit?

We install a 16amp radial circuit so you can comfortably use (for example) a tumble dryer and power tools or office equipment.

How much does it cost to run the electric cable from the mains supply to the shed?

We will have to quote on the job as there are a lot of factors to consider before we can give an accurate price. Such as: whether a trench would be required to be dug or if the cable could be attached to a wall or fence; the exact distance from the main consumer unit and what obstacles lie between; what you intend on loading the circuit with (e.g. a tumble dryer, heater, computer, etc). But our electricians all carry plenty of armoured cable and extra parts to carry out the work if you wanted to go ahead with it during installation of your chosen package.

How do you hook up the internet to the shed?

We can run cat-5 or cat-6 network cable to your shed within conduit that can be attached to a fence or wall or layed underground. We can only give an accurate quote once we have visited the location. We will run the cable all the way to your router or to a network switch. Our installers can carry this work out the same day they install your electric package if you are happy to go ahead.

How do I pay?

You can pay via cash on completion.

Part-P certified
City & Guilds qualified